Chris Johnstone is

• a leading specialist in the psychology of resilience, happiness and positive change, with more than twenty-five years experience in helping people find their strengths and improve their lives

• a member of the Association for Coaching UK

• author of the self-help book
Find Your Power: a toolkit for resilience and positive change

• co-presenter of the audiobook
The Happiness Training Plan

co-author, with Joanna Macy, of Active Hope: how to face the mess we're in without going crazy

Coaching with Chris Johnstone

I have a wealth of experience and well developed tools for helping people deal with stress, deepen motivation, develop a better work/life balance, talk through important decisions, improve mood, change habits, become more effective and strengthen purpose in life. I’m good at helping people hear themselves more clearly and take their hopes for the future more seriously.

Through coaching I can help you find and follow the purposes that call you, develop clarity of focus, stay on course, recover from setbacks, cultivate strengths, move through blocks and become happier.

Coaching via the phone or Skype

Living in the north of Scotland. I do most of my coaching over the phone or Skype. This means I can work with people from any part of the country, or indeed any part of the world.
I normally charge £90 for a one-hour session or a reduced rate of £450 for a course of six sessions (
my paypal facility converts currencies and accepts debit/credit cards if needed). I charge a lower rate for people in financial hardship if a concession is needed and a higher rate for business clients.

Coaching for resilience, happiness and positive change

Drawing on my specialist experience in health-related behaviour change, motivational interviewing and positive psychology, my particular interest is in how we can make our lives more meaningful and satisfying by rising to the challenges that call to us most. I see journeys of change as similar to adventure stories, where the coach is an ally who helps each client find their direction, develop resources for resilience and navigate a way through any blocks.

I work with people from a wide range of backgrounds and on a variety of issues. Having a medical background myself, I have much experience of working with doctors and recently set up, a specialist coaching service for the medical profession.

Distance-learning for Personal and Professional Development

With more than two decades experience offering personal and professional development training courses, I have now set up a new online programme available at

If you’d like to enquire further about coaching or training, please email me by clicking the contact me link at the bottom of each page.